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Air conditioning inverter heat pumps are the ideal solution for heating your conservatory and they have the added bonus of providing cooling comfort in summer. 
Air conditioning will heat or cool your conservatory within minutes of turning it on. So you don’t waste energy when the room is not in use, saving money on your energy costs. 
They work so well there is no need for the added cost of blinds or solar reflective glass to block out the sun’s rays. That means you can keep enjoying the beautiful views of your garden whilst relaxing in your conservatory. 
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Bedroom Air Conditioning 

Wall Mount 
Air conditioning is the perfect answer for a great night's sleep. 
Modern air conditioning is very elegant and with many great designs to choose from you can always find a style that fits in with the look of your bedroom. 
They are whisper quiet meaning you get the benefit of its cooling effects whilst not being kept awake by any noise. 
They can be set on a timer function to cool your bedroom before you go to sleep and turn themselves off automatically an hour after you have fallen asleep. 

Small Office / Home Office Air Conditioning 

Air Conditioning can be the perfect solution for offices, home offices or a small garden office. They provide heating in winter and cooling comfort in summer helping you stay alert to get all your work completed. They can be a wall mounted unit for smaller offices or a cassette unit for the larger space. 
For larger offices the cassette option has a 4 way blow system that ensures every area is covered. It blends seamlessly into the ceiling grid and can be controlled by a simple controller mounted within the office. 

How air conditioning works 

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