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Fujitsu Air conditioning ASYG07LMCA (2Kw / 7000Btu) Wall Heat pump Inverter 

Slim design 
In addition to more attractive aesthetics, the new design of the front of the units provides easier cleaning as the air return remains hidden at the top and the front fascia has no air inlet. The unit is a slimline construction only 198mm deep. 
High density heat exchanger 
The high density heat exchanger on the indoor unit optimises and enhances the flow/K calories ratio and produces very little noise (21dB@1meter). Because of this design. The turbine fan is able to work at lower revolutions and minimises the noise thanks to its greater diameter. 
Compact low noise outdoor unit 
The outdoor unit is made from material are smaller and weigh less whilst increasing their resistor to the outside. Among the many qualities of HSP is the noise reduction as a result of the absorption of vibrations and the incorporation of unique details, such as the protection of the connection valves. 
Product Key Feature's 
• High CoP, up to record 4.27 
• Infra-red controller 
• Slim construction 198mm 
• Pipe runs up to 15 metres 
• Low noise – 21dBA on low 
• Back-up switch for loss of controller 
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up 
• Fault diagnosis 
• Auto re-start after power interruption 
• PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 15 metres pipe length 
• Low ambient tested to -15 Deg/C in heating. 
• Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit. 
ASY09 Wall Mounted ASYG07LMCA 
Power source 1 ph 240V 
Type Inverter rotary 
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 2.5 / 8500 BTU 
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 3.2 / 12000 BTU 
UK Cooling (max) kW n/a 
UK Sensible Cooling kW n/a 
E.E.R. n/a 
Energy label in heating A 
Energy label in cooling A 
C.o.P 4.27 
ECA - Yes 
Exterior dimensions (mm) 268 x 840 x 203 
Net weight kg 9 
Sound Pressure Level* dB(A) (F/M/S/Q) 43/38/31/21 
Exterior dimensions (mm) 540 x 660 x 290 
Net weight kg 21 
Power Source Rating MCB A 15A 
Refrigerant max piping length m 20 
Pre-charged with 15m refrigerant R410a 
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