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Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ35VA Classic Wall Mounted (3.5kW / 12000Btu) Inverter Heat Pump Air Conditioning 

Mitsubishi Electric’s classic range of high specification, flat panel wall mounted models make use of inverter technology. Designed specifically for comfort cooling and heating. These units have extremely quiet sound levels, whilst also delivering economical air conditioning, with improved EER figures. Ideal for use in any size room, many units come equipped with a wide-angle airflow system, as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing airflow to be extended to every corner of a room. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the M Series range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution. Quick to install and also quiet (as low as 22dBA* 1 ). 
Unlike conventional models with a grilled air intake, wall mounted models feature a smoothly contoured, flat panel finish with a top air intake that not only improves aesthetics, but also helps to reduce noise as the heat exchanger area is fully covered. This is as a result of the multi-angled heat exchanger having a modified fin shape that reduces air resistance, producing a smoother, quieter flow of air. Alongside this, the wide diameter of the fan produces greater airflow at lower fan speeds and the uneven pitch between each fan blade helps to eliminate unwanted noise. 
Key Product Feature's 
• High CoP, up to record 3.62 
• Advanced technology control 
• Infra-red controller 
• Slim construction 
• Pipe runs up to 20 metres 
• Ultra Low noise – 22dBA on smaller models 
• Fault diagnosis 
• Auto re-start after power interruption 
up to 7 metres pipe length 
• Easy cleaned & serviced. 
• Full ECA tax allowance. 
Technical Specification: 
MSZ-HJ35VA Indoor Unit 
Capacity (kW): 
Heating (Nominal) (Low - High) 3.60 (0.90 - 4.80) 
Cooling (Nominal) (Low - High) 3.15 (1.0 - 3.75) 
Heating (UK) (Low - High) 2.99 (1.35 - 3.98) 
Cooling (UK) (Low - High) 3.12 (1.10 - 3.65) 
SHF R410A (Nominal) 0.87 
COP / EER (Nominal) 3.62 / 3.03 
Energy Label Heating / Cooling A / B 
Width - mm 799 
Depth - mm 232 
Height - mm 290 
Weight - kg 9 
Airflow (m3/min) (Heating /Cooling) - Lo-Mi1-Mi2-Hi-SupHi 4.1-4.8-6.7-9.1-11.5 /4.1-4.8-6.7-9.1-12.7 
Noise (dBA) (Heating /Cooling) - Lo-Mi1-Mi2-Hi-SupHi 19-22-30-36-42 /19-22-30-36-43 
Pipe Size Gas mm (in) 9.52 (3/8) 
Pipe Size Liquid mm (in) 6.35 (1/4) 
Electrical Supply Fed by Outdoor Unit 
Phase Single 
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 6 
Interconnecting Cable No. Cores 4 
MUZ-GE35VA Outdoor Unit 
Width - mm 699 
Depth - mm 249 
Height - mm 530 
Weight - kg 25 
Noise (dBA) (Heating /Cooling) 50/50 
Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz 
Phase Single 
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 10 
SystemPower Input (kW) - Heating (Nominal) 0.955 
SystemPower Input (kW) - Cooling (Nominal) 0.865 
SystemPower Input (kW) - Heating (UK) 0.869 
SystemPower Input (kW) - Cooling (UK) 0.692 
Starting Current (A) 4.6 
SystemRunning Current (A) - Heating / Cooling 4.6 / 4.2 
Mains Cable No. Cores 3 
Max Pipe Length (m) 20 
Max Height Difference (m) 12 
Charge (kg) - 7m 0.72 
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